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The Greatest Olympic Moments of all Time

We've seen many great moments in the history of the Olympics but we've complied some the very best for our wall of fame.

With the Rio Olympics just finished and Paralympic Games due to start, we have put together a list of the most inspiring moments to ever grace our screens. The Olympic Games is known for being an extravaganza of athletic prowess but we’ve picked a few defining moments that will go down in history.


Nadia Elena Comăneci’s Perfect Ten

No roundup of the greatest Olympic moments of all time would be complete without mentioning Nadia Elena Comaneci’s gymnastic performance back in 1976. At the tender age of fourteen, the Romanian gymnast made history with a captivating performance that saw her be awarded with a perfect score of ten on not one occasion but an astonishing seven times. At that time, the scoreboard only allowed three digits so the score could not be shown and her score had to be shown as 1.00 and explained each time by the commentator. 


Greg Louganis Gets a Gold

Achieving a gold medal is no easy feat and many athletes put their bodies through an almighty amount of stress in order to smash their goals. Greg Louganis famously hit his head on the diving board while trying to complete a reverse 2 ½ somersault pike. After suffering a concussion and a nasty wound to the head, Greg Louganis returned to diving board to take the gold medal.


Rulon Gardner the Underdog

At the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Rulon Gardner surprised spectators by defeating Alexander Karelin, the three-time Olympic wrestling champion. Until this match, Alexander Karelin had won every match for the previous thirteen years and for that reason Rulon Gardner, a wrestler who was little known at the time and his victory will do down in history as one of the best Olympic moments of all time.


Kelly Holmes Doubles Up in Athens

Let’s take you back to the 2004 Olympic Games that was hosted in Athens to the moment when Kelly Holmes became a double Olympic champion at the age of 34. Plagued with a plethora of injuries in the months leading up to the Olympic Games, Kelly Holmes took the world by surprise as she clawed her way from last position to cross the finishing line first in the 800-meter race.

As the race came to a climax, she went on to win the gold medal and no one was more surprised than Kelly. Her reaction was priceless and her breath-taking performance will always be remembered but that wasn’t the only victory she would have during the 2004 Olympic Games. She went on to compete in and win the 1500-meter race to become a double Olympic champion.


Usain Bolt Sets Two World Records 

Who could forget the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games when Usain Bolt set not one but two new world records? The Jamaican superstar won a gold medal for his performance in the 100 and 200 meter races and proved himself to be the fastest runner in history. His animated personality and showmanship left fans wondering if her would live up to the hype, which he most certainly did.

Steve Redgrave 2000 Comeback

After suffering from chronic back pain, diabetes and colitis, British rower made a comeback during the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney after vowing not to get back in a boat in 1996. In an intense final, he managed to win his fifth gold medal at the age of 38.


Muhammad Ali Lights the Flame in Atlanta 

Muhammad Ali is to many the greatest figure in sport and so it’s no surprise that his role in the opening ceremony in Atlanta in 1996 made it into our greatest Olympic moments of all time. His surprise appearance was a moment of total awe for fellow athletes and fans alike.


So, there you have it, our pick of the greatest Olympic moments of all time. We hope our countdown has got you in the sporting spirit for the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games. 




Date of Preparation: August 2016