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All Difflam™ medicinal products are based on Benzydamine Hydrochloride
and therefore have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic properties.
The differing presentations can be used either systemically or topically.

For fast and lasting relief of mouth and throat pain1-4

Difflam™ is a fast acting, long lasting treatment for sore throat and mouth conditions, and is available as a choice of spray or rinse formulations: Difflam products are available to you on prescription from your doctor or dentist, or sold over the counter by your local pharmacist.

Difflam™ treats the cause and soothes the pain2-5

All Difflam™ products contain the active ingredient Benzydamine Hydrochloride, which acts locally to stop pain and inflammation (swelling). So, it treats the source of the pain at the same time as helping to relieve the soreness and discomfort that you're experiencing.

Use this site to learn more about mouth and throat pain, and how Difflam™ can help bring fast, lasting relief for you and your family.1-4

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For relief from pains and sprains, strains and sports injuries6

Difflam™ 3% Cream and Difflam™-P 3% Cream is a topical preparation, absorbed through the skin, providing relief from pain and swelling (Inflammation). Containing Benzydamine Hydrochloride 3% w/w, Difflam™ 3% Cream is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, for the short-term treatment for the relief of symptoms associated with painful inflammatory conditions such as sprains, strains, contusions and the after-effects of fractures.


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