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Tennis Exercises for Beginners

When you watch tennis on the television, you may think that it is as simple as using one arm to hit the ball over and over again. However, when you actually come to play tennis yourself, you will see that it isn’t as simple as this, and in actual fact the whole of your body needs to be in peak condition in order to do well in the sport.

Here are some of the key exercises that you should try to practice as a beginner tennis player and these will ensure that your body can cope safely with the demands of the sport.

Agility training

A lot of playing tennis is about short bursts of energy – seeing where the ball is going, and then being able to sprint to meet it. For this reason, shuttle runs are a great training exercise for playing tennis, as this makes up a large portion of your game. You should ensure that you practice running forwards, backwards and sideways in both directions, as you may need to do all of these in a short space of time whilst playing tennis. Time how long it takes you to complete ten shuttles, and aim to beat this time.

Work your lower body

Your lower body needs to be strong, and to help with this you should practice exercises like wall squats, knee raises and star jumps. Building on your lower body means that you have the power to react to anything that happens while you’re playing, and this means that you are much more likely to play to the best of your ability.

Work your upper body

Your upper body is vital, as this will help you to put enough power behind your shots when needed. Weight training exercises such as pull ups are important, as this can help to build your bicep muscles, and exercises such as punching will help you to develop the speed of movement that your arms will need to adapt to for the sport. Swimming is also a great exercise for working your upper body, particularly if you swim using the breast stroke, as you will need to put plenty of power behind it to help you move through the water.

Exercise your wrists

To be able to do all of the shots that are needed in tennis, it is important that your wrists are supple and flexible. For this, you should try lifting things such as a broom handle using only your forearm and wrist, as this can help to build the muscle. You should also practice rotations, both alone and using weights, in both directions, as this will help your wrists to cope with the various positions that tennis games will demand.

Ultimately, training for tennis as a beginner can be a very demanding but eventually rewarding task, once you are able to start playing the sport in the long term. By training in the right way, and doing the right types of exercises, you should find that you can excel at the sport, and really reach your true potential. 


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